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XBMC has integrated Audio-CD (CDDA) ripping functionality. In order to use this feature, first configure the CD ripping settings (to set which encoder quality to use and where to store the files). To Rip the entire CD, highlight the Audio CD from the My Music root listing and choose Rip Audio CD from the context menu. To rip a single track, enter the Audio CD, highlight the desired track, and choose Rip Audio Track from the context menu.

XBMC will automatically download the album-information (via CDDB) and update the ID3-tags with the proper information.

CD ripping settings
Play audio CDs automatically
Autoruns CDs when inserted in drive.
Lookup audio CD track names from
This will read the information belonging to a inserted audio CD from an internet database. Thus every song will get its correct name and artist displayed.

Saved music folder
This option defines the location on your hard drive that ripped tracks will be saved to.
Track Naming Template
Controls the way that your ripped songs will be named. For a list of options that can be used, see Tags Available for Audio Files
This option defines which audio encoder to use when ripping.
This option defines in which quality you want to rip your files.
This option defines which bitrate to use for the specified audio encoder for audio compression.
Compression level
For FLAC define compression level, default 5

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