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XBMC Movie Scrapers include support for sorting your movies into sets for better organization. This is especially movies that are sequels or are apart of a directly related movie series. If sets are a part of your collection, you can find them easily with the Sets node in your Video Library. As of version 11.0 ("Eden") XBMC can determine if movies are part of a set or collection when using The MovieDB or IMDb movie information add-ons.

Movie sets are only meant to be used one set per movie. For a much more powerful and flexible way to group movies see video library tags.


1 The problem

Movies that are in a series are often not listed in a way that is conducive to ‘regular’ sorting. Here is an example, imagine you have the following movies in your movie collection:

  • Die Hard
  • Die Hard 2
  • Die Hard With a Vengeance
  • Live Free or Die Hard
Movie set before sort.gif

These movies are all entries in a series, and it would be handy to have them listed in your movie library in a group, rather than having all the ones starting with ‘Die Hard’ in order, and then the have the 4th entry in the series listed in the ‘Ls’ with any number of movies in between.

2 Organizing movie sets

From XBMC version 11, Eden, movie sets data is downloaded automatically when you scan movies into the library. In order to take advantage of this feature, you must use The MovieDB or IMDb as your movie content scraper. If you need to change or add a media source, follow these steps first.

To enable organizing movies in sets, go to Settings -> Videos -> Library and select Group movies in sets. This does not prevent movies being scraped into sets. It just disable the movies being visually grouped together when browsing through your library

Note: To prevent movies being scraped into sets you must use the Add-on:Universal_Scraper and change it's internal setting to "don't scrape movie sets"

2.1 Updating an existing library

Navigate to your Movies and remove all movies that you wish to be grouped in to sets (context menu > Remove from library). Once all movies have been removed, open the context menu and select Update library. Once the content has been rescanned it will grouped into collections.

A more tedious way, that does not remove the movie or its played status from the Library, is to simply refresh movie information for the individual movies (Context Menu > "Movie Information" > Refresh > Yes (Ignore local information and refresh from internet)).

2.2 Adding or removing a movie from a set

There are a few ways to add or remove a movie from a movie set. One easy way is to use the XWMM add-on. Clearing the "movie set" field for a movie will remove it from a set

2.3 Movie-set manager


XBMC v13 "Gotham" Development builds have a GUI movie-set manager built in.

Attention talk.png See Movie set management Team discussion thread for more information

3 Manually organizing movie sets with NFO files

For other Movie information add-ons than The MovieDB you will have to create an nfo file. When using the The MovieDB Movie information add-on XBMC will create movie sets for you automatically when you have more than one movie of the same collection in your library.
For these other metadata collectors, in order to organize these movies in a way that will make it easier to find them you can edit your NFO files to include the "set" tag.

See NFO files, specifically NFO files/movies#Movie_sets

3.1 Updating the XBMC database

  • If the movie is still in the XBMC Video library, then remove the movie(s) (Context menu / Remove from database).
  • Rescan the library (Context menu on any movie / Update database).

4 Adding artwork for a set

Your new movie library will look like the one below, displaying a folder with the set name that you can click on to view the entire set of movies. You can set the thumbnail that will be displayed when you select the movie set by opening the context menu when selecting the set and choosing "Set Movieset Thumb".

Movie sets Screenshot000.jpg
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