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Author: FastColors

Type: Skin
Version: 2.2.8
Repo: (v12)

Summary: A simple and handy visually Skin based on AppleTv
Home icon grey.png   TriangleArrow-Right.svg Add-ons TriangleArrow-Right.svg SiO2

If you like Apple "everything at hand" policy for interfaces, You might want to give this Skin a try. I designed it trying to put as few clicks as possible between You and what You're trying to do (or watch ;) ).
Thanks to Pecinko for Quartz as a solid base to build on.
 Thanks to testers and Inspirers: Toiva, Scrolling, Abrasher, Lucanoid, Relyter.

1 Installing

To install this add-on you must do so from the Add-on manager from within XBMC by going to:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Get add-ons
  4. Add-ons
  5. Skins
  6. SiO2
  7. Install

2 Features

  • Easy to navigate graphical HomeScreen
  • OnShelf navigation of Recently Added Movies or Recommended (started) Movies
  • OnShelf navigation of Recently Added Episodes or Recommended (next episode or started episode) Episodes
  • Abilty to have first OnShelf item reversed (most recent item in recommended view and viceversa)
  • Customizable Icons on HomeScreen can Include Addons - Scripts - Favourites
  • Addons shortucts OnShelf for Music - Addons - Pictures
  • OnShelf Weather Forecast + Temperature always updated on Weather Icon
  • FullScreen Weather Icons in dedicated page

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