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Author: BuZz, Dink

Type: Music/Audio and Video

Repo: ZIP file or Hitcher's Repo

Summary: Watch TV and listen to radio from the BBC's iPlayer website

This XBMC plugin enables (UK only) the playing of TV and Radio catchup content from the BBC iPlayer website. Live radio and TV feeds are also supported.

For the most up-to-date info on iPlayer see forum:51322



1 Supported streams

  • TV streams supported*: 512x288 VP6@512Kbs, 640x360 H.264@800Kbs, 832x468 H.264@1500Kbs & 1280x720 H.264@3200Kbs
  • Radio streams support*: Real, MP3 & AAC
*Note - not all streams available for all episodes nor supported on all platforms

2 Issues

  • If you are having a problem with the add-on or just have a query please do read the documentation and do a search of this thread before posting.
  • If you believe you have found a bug or would like to request a feature then create a new issue.

3 Limitations

  • This add-on doesn't work outside of the UK. The BBC IPlayer service ensures that only UK IP addresses can access IPlayer content.
  • For Live TV a Windows or Linux build of at least SVN:21747 (2009-07-18) is required. For XBox support use a build of at least SVN:21819 .
  • For Windows and Linux users some of the Radio streams don't work. XBMC on Windows and Linux does not support the rtsp:// protocol which is needed by some of the catchup and live radio streams.
  • This add-on supports the Flash H.264 HD streams but needs an XBMC build, Windows or Linux, SVN:20015 or later. Configure video streams via the plugins settings.
  • This add-on supports Flash H.264 800Kb streams on the XBox but needs at least a build SVN:20810.
  • This add-on supports the Flash AAC radio streams but needs an XBMC build, Windows or Linux, SVN:20015 or later. Configure audio streams via the plugins settings.

4 Tips

The original XBMC forum for this add-on contains a host of interesting bits of information on using this add-on. Please search there first before posting, your query may have already been answered.

5 Credits

This project is based on a no longer maintained XBMC IPlayer project.

Thanks for all the hard work by the XBMC guys and to highlandsun for the new libRTMP functionality. Thanks to all those on the forums that have contributed patches, feedback and advice.

6 Videos guides

6.1 Installing iPlayer on Apple TV 2 (black)

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