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The installation of XBMC for Windows is straightforward like most other Windows applications. After the installation you can immediately start using XBMC, all you need is in the program. You can use the keyboard to walk through XBMC.

Download the latest version from and install it. For most users the offered default settings are sufficient, if not, change them accordingly.

To start XBMC find it under the Windows Start button in a Program Group called XBMC.

Add one or more sources in Videos, Music and/or Photos, see Media Sources and you are ready to play your media.

1 Uninstalling of XBMC for Windows

Go to "Add or Remove Programs" in the "Control Panel" under Windows then choose to remove "XBMC".

2 Upgrading XBMC for Windows

Unless your copy of XBMC is more than two years old, simply installing a newer version of XBMC over an older version should cause no problems. If you are upgrading your copy of XBMC, it is ALWAYS recommended that you backup your data. This can be performed by:

1. Click System on the Homescreen.
2. Then click Video.
3. Then click Export Video Library on the library tab.
4. Then choose Separate or Single file. Separate will put the necessary information in the folder where the movie is located. Single file will create a backup database that can later be imported.

Follow the same process for backing up your Music Library by clicking Music rather than Video in Step 2.

See more here: Import - Export Library.

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